About Us

Wildlife populations are in rapid decline as the environment around them changes at an unprecedented rate. Conservation efforts are critically important to reverse this trend. However these efforts must be supported by the right techniques and technologies in order to keep pace with the rate of change around us.
Unfortunately, too often software for scientific research is of poor quality or prohibitively expensive. The lack of access to quality software stalls the discovery of solutions to the challenges we all currently face. We need those solutions now.
Camelot is intuitive yet sophisticated software for managing camera trap data, and part of the Camelot Project. The Camelot Project seeks to ensure that high-quality feature-rich software is readily available for conservation research.

The Camelot Project is an entirely voluntary initiative created to support conservation scientists to manage the 100,000’s of camera trap images that are produced in a camera trap project. We understand the difficulties of managing these images, as we have done it ourselves. Our camera trap software is designed to be light-weight enough to fit on low budget field laptops and robust enough to run on servers for large organisations.

We know that you will find our free camera trap software the best option for your needs.
Chris and Heidi

The Camelot Team

Heidi is a Support Engineer at Atlassian with previous work in conservation science. Heidi’s husband and 2 children are kind enough to free her up to volunteer for the Camelot Project and complete a Masters in Information Technology (Data Analytics) on the side.
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Chris is a Software Developer at Atlassian with a passion for wildlife conservation. Chris’ natural habitat is at a keyboard, building software to help those making the world a better place achieve that little bit more. When not turning coffee into new technology, he spends his time reading, and enjoying the nature around Sydney, Australia.

Interview with Chris & Heidi with WildLabs.NET

What People Say

I think it is an elegant and extremely useful piece of software. Well done, Heidi and Chris!

Prof. Barry Brook, University of Tasmania

I’ve been using Camelot for a camera trap wildlife project in BC Canada…excellent work on the software!  Over 100,000 images classified and no problems to report.

Dr. Robin Naidoo , WWF US

It’s easy-to-use freeware compatible with analytic software; the networking capability means I can manage our library and have project assistants IDing photos on other computers; great tech support!

Dr. Alex Wolf, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies

Best way to contact Chris & Heidi is through our Google Group